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Sripada's grace relieves us from all struggles and pains

Sripada Rajam saranam Prapadye.

Anonymous Sripada devotee sharing her another incredible experience here.

:- Sripada swamy responds to the suffering of a devotee may order Brahma to erase the writing on the forehead of HIS devotee and inscribe a new writing of destiny. There is nothing impossible to the devotees of Sripada swamy.

Sri Pada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to share an another experience with all Datta Devotees which happened to my grand father,
My Grand parents are introduced to Nithyananda swami and Datta swami in 2004 by their son. My grand father was suffering with a new skin disease, My uncle(their son) has taken him to Kerala,nepal for different kind of treatments but none of them has work out. He was becoming weak day by day,

My grany prays to Datta daily and she treats him like his son. if she heard any news(good or bad), she goes to Pooja mandir ad she says to Datta. she is very attached to him.

One day my grand father position gone wrong, he stopped talking, he stopped eating. He was just breathing. some thing bad smell was coming out of his body. Doctors said its highly impossible to save him. Every one scared to touch him. Blood was coming out from skin drop by drop. Then my grany applied VIBUTHI of Sripada instead of ointment where bleeding was happening. Then bleeding stopped gradually, my relatives started visiting my Grand father as they treated that the days were last days to him. My grany used to pray Datta with her tears every day to make her Pasupu ( Turmeric) kunkuma strong.
He became some what better but he was not fine absolutely. My uncle(their son) has taken them to GANAGAPUR in 2005 to fulfill his last wishes. They stayed there for 10 days. Every day my grand father took bath in SANGAMA SNANA GHATTA in GANAGAPUR.
Do you guess how he back to our place!!!!!!!!!! He was perfectly alright, A small mark also was not there on his skin to recognize that he was patient while going. He shared his experience with us that what happened in Gangapur. When he was in Meditation he gone to Datta place where arranged with all Kamala pushpas He talked to some one and came back. We believe that its none other than Sri pada.

Sri pada rajam saranam prapadhye, if we believe him and pray truly he shows us his miracles/leelas in every step. He always watch us. He is mother,friend,siblings,father... what not!!!!!!!!! He is everything, He can do anything for his devotees.
I am glad to share this experience with all Datta devotees.

Jai gurudatta!!!!!!!

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