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13 Sept 2017_Sripada's amazing leela

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing Sripada's amazing miracle in her life.Shree Guru Dev Datta
Its rightly said that Sripada's grace will get us associated with other sidha purushas. And one such siddha purush who entered my life is Shri Gajanan Maharaj of shegaon. I came in contact with him last year in october and due to the help of Gajanan Maharaj America Devotee Parivar's admin, Rishi Ji, i came in contact with Mr Ramaswamy Ji. He is a great devotee of Shri Maharaj and also one of the most fortunate ones as he got the opportunity to prepare the divine Padukas of Sripada Srivallabha by getting the measurements from Kuravpuram temple. Shri Ramaswamy Ji gave me Gajanan Vijay and I was regularly reading it.
The incident I am going to share is of last week of december 2016. I had left office with my colleague on his bike one hour before my usual time at night. We were on road and the traffic was not heavy when suddenly a wire from an electricity pole got snapped and hung in the middle like a swing. A biker before us got struck by it and fell badly. Next were us but some how the wire did not strike us with force as its speed got mellowed by hitting that biker. My friend lost his balance a bit and I got a little injury on my toe but we were saved as the wire was not a high tension wire. If it had been a naked wire we would have got electrocuted badly.
And not just us the biker who fell before us also escaped without any serious injuries. That day we were saved not from one but two terrible accidents.
I shared this experience with Swamy Ji who was in shegaon at that time and he told me that he had done parayan there and prayed for me. Prayers of a pious person saved me, my friend and that third person also. Whenever I think of that accident I just shudder at the thought that what if we would have been the first to hit by that wire, what if it was a naked high tension wire, what if the traffic was heavy and we would have come under the wheels of some car or truck.We were saved us from the jaws of death that day.
I would also like to share that how Sripad Ji would not let us alone under any circumstances although at times I feel whether he is there or not.
There came a point in my life where i got so confused whom to pray or whether by praying to one have i lost the other. Being a young amateur devotee I am sure such thoughts are common. Then suddenly one day I stopped doing all parayans. I would sit in my temple close my eyes without any concentration. But then came a major problem in my life from which I could find no escape. At that time Sripad Ji came back in my life, made me do one day parayan of Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam and saved me. Now I am back to doing siddha mangala stotra, reading charitamrutam and also Gajanan Vijay by devoting time in the early morning. Now I don't feel any confusion and I am happy.
i visited shegaon this year on Maharaj's pragat din ( although i didnt know that it was his pragat din) and Gangapur in june this year..
Shri Gurudev Datta
Shripad Rajam Sharanam Prapdaye
Jai Gurunath
Jai Swamy Samarth
Gan Gan Ganat Bote
Jai Gajanan

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