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13 August_2017_ Heart touching experience with Sripada

Anonymous Sripada devotee is sharing her wonderful and heart touching experience with swamy.

This miracle which happened to me is a live example for the presence of SriPada swamy and his blessings on those who really trust him by completely surrendering themselves. Recently I have come across 2 problems, which has completely changed my vision towards life and brought up complete trust in God.

I am working as a Software engineer with 6 years of experience. In my project, there are 4 girls with whom I used to carry on my lunch and breaks. I have very good recognition to the work I do.Last year in February one girl is confirmed with pregnancy.But she had sm serious health concerns in her 2nd month of pregnancy. I gave her very good moral support and sm times I have done her tasks staying late night even.There is an other girl who is planning for pregnancy,but have some issues.In the month of June I was confirmed with my pregnancy. I was really so happy ,but my happiness was completely wiped off with the change in behavior of other girls.The 1st girl who was already pregnant with 5th month, when I was in 2nd month then, stopped speaking to me completely.The 2nd girl​ started saying all the stories related to Pregnancy loss daily in the lunch time.Post lunch ,we all used to go for a 10 minute walk.Even this was avoided by them.Since I was carrying I had to follow proper schedule with my food and exercise (just walking regularly) and even they started making stupid comments on me. I was unable to take up that change,also I had severe vomitings almost 3times a day for 5months.Firstly I was physically getting weak and at the same time I was emotionally made to become weak.Daily for almost 2months(from 2nd to 4th month) there was a discussion of pregnancy loss during lunch.One day in conversation I said I am into my 5th month now.Then immediately,the 2nd girl has started speaking about those who lost pregnancy in thier 6 th month N also those who had premature kids,n how parents suffer with such kids and all.I kindly asked them not to discuss such matters with me since I am getting scared listening to all those.Then in return they started shouting at me saying"Why do you relate it to your self.This is something in general".

I have taken this so seriously,I felt like atleast as a Mother I have to secure my child from such negative powers (people). From the beginning of 5th month I have stopped gng to lunch n breaks with them.

I started joining any other available , and some times I used to go alone, since most of the guys go out for lunch.

I used to cry a lot at home for the way things are going on.But in the end of 5th month , I got to know my baby has a problem renal pelvic dilation with 6mm for the left kidney. I was completely upset and I couldn't even cry now since I realized its hurting my baby now.My doctor asked me to just follow up with multiple scans every month.I always believe SriPada swamy since past 4yrs,so just surrendered my self to swamy completely and asked swamy to save my child.I started doing SriPada SriVallabha charitamrutam parayanam daily.

In my next scan in 6th month it raised to 7mm.With complete trust I continued my parayan,caring no other disturbance. I just wanted to give my child a super good life. I had so much work even in office.In the 8th month (32 weeks), again I had a scan,but this time the situation became more worse.It has raised from 7 to 10.1 mm(i.e., from mild to moderate) and besides that my doctor said me that baby weight is even not that good (1.4 kg).This time I was very upset since it has crossed mild dilation limit.Still I didn't loose my confidence and continued my parayanam.But,then for me it was like a sixth sense triggered by swamy,I was feeling to start up my maternity leave from that day itself.Immediately from the coming week I went on my maternity leave.

My daily task at home was to have my intake well N do parayanam.In parallel,I have started gurucharitra parayanam also.

By my 35th week scan,just in 3weeks from the day I have taken leave n completely focussed on parayanam, to the miracle , the dilation has decreased to 8.6 mm and even weight has grown.Even my doctor said it was not required to take leave, since that was not related to physical pressure in any way.Also I started reading 14 th chapter in gurucharitra ,every day 11 times for 21 days.So in my 39 th week I had one more scan and got to know in my Doppler test,that dilation. has reduced to 6.4 mm and baby weight is 3.4 kg.

Also,even 4 days before my 40 weeks I had no pains,N also baby has a chord around neck with 3.4 kg.So my doctor wanted me to go for ceaserian. I was ready for that,since baby was so important for me, nothing else any. I was supposed to join in hospital on Friday,but my doctor was not available from Thursday till Sunday since she had sm urgent work n was out of station.So I was treated under other doctor.She has assured us to wait for 1more week n let's go for ceaserian then.To the miracle of God,I had pains started from Saturday morning.I had severe pains from 10 pm Saturday.Went to hospital @ 12 pm. I have given birth to a super baby girl on Sunday @10:40 Am.1week later, baby has a scan and dilation has come to completely normal with her weight being 3.25 kg post birth.

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