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28 July 2017_ Beautiful loving expression towards a Magnetic force (Sripada Srivallabha Swamy)

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Sripada devotee Vandana ji is sharing her beautiful loving expression towards Sripada and her great experience of reading Sripada srivallabha charithamrutham on the occasion of her Marriage anniversary today.
Please send all your loving wishes to her.
Dear Sir,
Today is my Marriage Anniversary.I would like to take Sripada's blessings hence written something for my Sripada.
Being a physics teacher I have learned n taught students about Magnetic force which attracts particles having some or more magnetic properties.
The force is least when dipole Moments of particles are not alined in the direction of field and is max in substances having domains of initial strong dipole moments but randomly alined and when placed in external field then dipole moments of all domains alined in the direction of magnetic field .
The holy book Sripaad Srivallabh Charnamrut also has a strong magnetic property. This was the line said by my dearest friend Rama Sreedhara .I still remember her words that this holy book will attract you .Yes dear u were absolutely true.
The holy book has an immense magnetic field around itself.
Sometimes I feel that I am too selfish or too greedy as one Parayan is complete I am almost ready with another wish n start doing a new Parayan.
But on analyzing I found that this may be partially true but it is not that only I want to read the holy book it is true the other way around also.

In terms of physics, Sripada is aligning dipole moments of my different domains slowly and steadily in his direction.
The book itself has a strong magnetic field and attracts people having strong belief, faith and what is called total complete samarpan and surrender towards him.
Why is it so that every time you read the holy book you read it with new zeal ,with lot of excitement as to what will happen in next chapter. Reading miracles of Sripada always attracts you even more towards him. One must have complete faith in his presence, his grace , his benevolence and just see how he attracts you towards himself.Slowly and steadily he will align all your dipole moments towards his faith of magnetic field.
Sripad Rajam Sharnam prabadhye.

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