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26 July 2017_Sripada Blessed us with a child

Sripada rajam Saranam prapadhye.
Sripada Devotee Srikanth ji is sharing swamy's wonderful leela in their lives .
Namaste. We are originally from Visakhapatnam, now in USA. I and my wife Sailaja were praying to God for progeny. One of our wellwishers suggested that we do Shirdi Baba Nava guruvara vratam. We did accordingly and I did parayana of Sai baba satcharitra, Guru charitra and Akkalkot maharaj charitra all the nine weeks. I did not follow any strict rules except on Thursdays. One the last day of parayana, I visited Sripada Samsthanam for the first time in my life. It was Thursday. I bought a book of Sripada vallabha charitramrutham and had darshan. Just 2 days later, on Saturday, my wife pregnancy was confirmed.
I started reciting the chapters -26 & 27 for a healthy child and timely help. During her pregnancy, we sent money to a pujari in Ganagapur for kesarlepan puja. We wanted to mix the kesar prasad with regular kesar to be given to my wife with milk. We got the prasad and started giving her. Here comes the miracle. I got a phone call from the Post master of head post office, Visakhapatnam that due to some reason, the Money order (MO) got held up in the post office and he will send it soon. He apologized. Now, how did we get the prasad to our address from ganagapur without the MO reaching the pujari? How does he know our names, gotra or address? It is, but Lord Datta leela.
Also during her pregnancy, Lord appeared in her dream and gave indications not to go to her maternal house and he will take care of everything. During the delivery, few complications arose but were solved. We have a healthy male child.
At every instance, personal or professional, Lord Datta has been protecting me and my family. I have experienced countless miracles of Lord datta in my life.
Digambara digambara sripada vallabha digambara.

Shared By: Srikanth ji