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20 July 2017_Wonderful leela of Sripada swamy

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.
Sripada devotee Krishnan ji is sharing a wonderful leela of swamy in his life.
I am based in delhi and we are firm believers in shirdi sai baba and raghavendra swamy. We offer breakfast ,lunch and dinner to sai baba and treat him as a family member. I read regularly charitra of all saints and try to follow their principles to the extent possible.Now coming to my experiences. We had a house to be sold ,so that my son can buy a house in bangalore and we can shift there. I came across sripadasrivallabha in google and read charitramrutam and guru charitra. I gave money for mandala abshisekha pooja at pithapuram for selling house.i started dattastavam and siddamangala shotram earlier, which i had to discontinue due to death of our relation. Again I restarted both the mantras and it ended on tuesday 9th may. Meanwhile our prasadam from pithapuram got lost and we requested again. It arrived on the same day ,I finished the mantra chanting on 41 st day ,tuesday. Very happy to receive photo and paduka on the same day. We offered wheat halva ,badam ,sugar and 5 types of fruits. Within 10 days of completion of our mantra chanting ,our house got sold. We have received only token money and hope to get the rest soon.we have got other problems also and hope they also get resolved soon.

Shared By: Krishnan ji