Devotee Experience


14 June 2017_Swamy is with us every minute

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Sashi ji is sharing a wonderful experience.

SriPada Rajyam Saranam Prabhadye!

I have seen so many miracles that Swamy has performed in our life. I would like to share one incident. We read Charitamrutam at home everyday. My husband, son and daughter read the Telugu book and as I cannot read or write Telugu I use to read the English version. But I always had the desire to read the book in my own language, Tamil. I do not have the skill to translate but the desire to read in Tamil was very strong. I thought I will start learning telugu, but still not very sure if I will be able to learn and read and understand as others in my family do.

My husband, son and myself went to Kuruvapuram recently. We were standing in Swamy’s Sannidhi and there were two or three other people with us. Suddenly one person kept an idol of Swamy and the idol was very beautiful and I could not take my eyes off it. Next thing, he keeps a Tamil Version of the Charitamrutam and I literally had tears in my eyes.

Once we came out of the Sannidhi I went and asked that person where he got the book and immediately, Mr Srinivasa Sundararajan, who was standing by the side said Mr Santhanam Srinivasan was the person who actually translated the Charitamrutam into tamil. Mr Santhanam was so kind and he gave me a copy of the Tamil version.

I am blessed by Swamy to get the Tamil Version of SriPada SriVallabha Charitamrutam in Swamy’s Karma Bhoomi, Kuruvapuram and that too I got it from the person who translated the book.

Swamy is with us every minute and sometimes he makes us feel that he is around us and this was one moment when I felt he is with me, blessing me. He comes in various forms and I am happy to have met both Santhanam Srinivasan and Srinivasan Sundararajan.


Shared By: Shashi ji