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7 June 2017_Sripada's amazing miracle

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Sripada devotee Gowriji is sharing an amazing experience in her life by Sripada's blessings.
In January 2008, I got first darshan of Sripada Swami in Pithapuram temple. My sister-in-law from Kakinada took me there and after darshan, she gave me Sripada charithamrutham book. She told me to read the book, and also told me that if I don't get time to read the full book, I should at least read siddhamangala sthotram.
After the visit, I started reading the book and also siddhamangala sthotram. As described in your website's introduction, I experienced Sripada swami's blessings and grace many a time.
On July 30th 2015, I sent you one beautiful miracle of Vallabha swami. After that, by His grace I was saved from what could have been a fatal car accident. Sripada Swami not only saved me from the accident, but also got car repaired at no cost from my side. In this age where we see hit and run cases almost on a daily basis, it is a miracle that the owner of the other vehicle assured he would bear the repair cost of tens of thousands of rupees and also kept his word.
I wanted to share another recent experience. Every year I visit my children in USA but this time I had tough time with immigration. So, my daughter decided to apply for a green card. My visa was getting over and we were getting letters asking for more details etc. Then one day I decided I can get my green card only with Sripada Vallabha Swami's grace. So immediately I decided to recite siddhamangala sthotram for 40 days. After starting my prayers, I saw the paper work moving fast and within 30 days, I received my green card. I can say it is Sripada Swami's grace as I received the greencard itself on a Thursday. Strangely enough, I got the card first and the approval letter that typically comes before the card arrived next day on Friday.
Now I am hoping to visit Sripada Swami in Pithapuram and also in Kurupuram soon
Sripada swamki sathakoti pranamamulu
Sripada vallabha saranam bhavathu. Lokasamastha sukhino bhavanthu.

Shared By: Gowri ji