Devotee Experience


3 Feb2017_Devotion to Lord Sripada gives Darshan of Siddha Yogis and Mahapurushas

I am a very small devotee of Lord Sripada and seek his grace I came to know about Lord through Gurucharitra After searching on web I came across the webpage of Mahasamsthanam at Pithapuram I ordered Charitraamrut from them and believe it or not received it arrived in just four days of placing order in Mumbai I read it and was astonished to find the progressive ideas conveyed in it I have read it for three to four times till date and must admit that the philosophy illustrated therein is very deep and requires many readings to totally understand I memorized the Siddha Mangal Stotram and recite it I decided to visit Pithapuram and searched on web how to reach there Luckily I managed to book accomodation in Mahasamsthanam itself On the day we we started our journey the taxi booked to reach railway station in Mumbai didnt turn up We didnt know what to do just when a taxi came from nowhere and agreed to take us to railway terminus Believe me there are no taxis seen in our area during any time of the day hence the taxi which took us to station on time was sent by Sripada Himself At Pithapuram we were lucky to have darshan of Peethadipathi Sajjangada Ramaswamy Maharaj who is in Pithapuram only during utsavs on his Ninetyth birthday and witness the grand utsav celebration about which we had not even thought or planned of Also we were fortunate to have darshan of Sadguru Gopal Baba who belongs to Dattatreya cult and had his charan sparsha At Bapanarya House in Pithapuram I had the fortune of carrying the Palakhi of Lord We also had darshan of Sadguru Shankar Maharaj Samadhi in Pune just recently which has changed my life All these darshans we had in the past two years and which aptly proves that reciting Siddha Mangal Stotram and reading Charitraamrut gives darshan of Siddha Yogis and Mahapurushas May Sripadas grace be always on all I definitely want to visit Pithapuram again and also visit Kuravpur Sripadas Tapobhumi May Lord grant my wish in near future
Sripada Rajam Sharanam Prapadhaye

Shared By: Nikhil Dhamapurkar