Devotee Experience


Swamy listens to each one of us

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye.
Sripada said, ‘In Dheesila (Shirdi) town my ‘SAMARTH SADGURU’ incarnation as ‘SAI BABA’ in the garb of a Muslim will take place. Then also you would certainly obtain My grace in that incarnation of ‘SAMARTH SADGURU SAINATH’.
Sripada Devotee Pallavi ji sharing her mother’s experience with swamy.
This is experienced by my mother. We never worshipped baba at home. My dad believes in HIM but we dint have any photos of baba at home. My dad used to go to temples, that’s it. My mom was also not that much keen on baba. I came to know about SAI’s birth after I read SPSV Charitamrutam. A dear friend of mine told me about baba and her experiences and installed faith in baba. I told my mom about baba. She used to say that HE is a Muslim and may not be a god incarnate. She was not against baba but was not ready to accept him as god incarnate. Slowly she accepted after I read out that particular chapter from SPSV Charitamrutam. I bought Sai Satcharita and started reading it.
Slowly she also started reading Satcharita. She had a skin tag near her waist and it was painful. Generally, they won’t hurt but this one was painful. She had started reading Satchartia and prayed that if her skin tag goes off by the next day, she will distribute biscuits to some children. And casually she started rubbing her hand on her waist as the skin tag was paining. Suddenly, it came off without any pain! She was like so surprised and could not believe. She saw again and again if it has really come off and yes – it had fallen from her body. Baba increased her faith and showed her that HE is listening to her all the time. From then, my mom is a baba devotee and reads Satcharita regularly.
Jai Guru Datta.

Shared By: Pallavi