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26 May 2016_Every aspect of our life happens only with swamy's consent

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotees is sharing an amazing experience with swamy.


Thanking swami who gave me an opportunity to share his leela..

Praising ,thinking about him, doing naam smaran ,sharing his leela,,everything his wish.Choosing us in which way he wants us to stay connected with him. started reading sidha mangala stotram as per divine will. Then I got a dream myself and my hubby both are there in SRIPITHIKAPURAM.we were attending Nija paduka abhishekam.After abhishekam pujari kept a shiva lingam in a plate with full of flowers and asked all devotees to touch that time I kept a baba's book in that plate to get his that I can do more parayan of swami's leela.

NOW THE DIVINE PLAY STARTED. After that the crowd slowly started moving here and there as the morning puja completed. I'm just standing infront of swamy and praying .then pujari came out from garba graham with a bucket full of halwa and he gave me a ball size halwa first.I was so shocked. suddenly sripada swamy gave his viswaroopa darshan and smiling and closing and opening his eyes and asking are you verbal conversation between us. Through his eyes. Then I felt so happy and calling everybody see swami is giving darshan.But no body able to hear me.All are going here and there. Again he is smiling. Not even 1000 eyes enough to see that divine beauty and that smile.. wonderful eyes. Then I'm calling my husband..come here see him. He too unable to hear me.Then I went near my hubby and I share half of the halwa with my hubby. After that when we came near audumbar tree. I'm thinking if I get one more time ur halwa prasad how good it will be.. immediately I saw halwa near that tree.. immediately i took it and gulped..(I heard some voice. What is this this lady taking from floor and eating)..then I'm thinking what is there. This is DATTA PRASADAM.. NOT EVEN A SMALL SAND IS THERE..HOW COME IT WILL BE THERE ..BECAUSE THIS IS HIS PRASADAM..

Jai sripada




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