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06 Apr 2016_Swamy is with us on each stage of our lives

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapdhye.

Anonymous Sripada Devotee is sharing her beautiful experiences with Sripada. Let us all pray Sripada to bless her with a beautiful baby very soon.

Sripada Rajam Sharanam Prapadye! I would like to remain anonymous. I am a devotee of Sri Sai baba from my childhood. I came to know about Sripada SriVallabha swami through our guru Sri Swami Sri Vidya, our guru, who went to sripada’s feet for good few years back. We got Sripada Charitammrutam as a precious gift to us from our dear guru. From the day my mom got this book, she kept doing doing parayana daily. I am going to share few of my experiences below 1. In 2010, I was working for an IT firm and my parents were looking for a groom. But, my Mom wanted me to do parayana before any alliance comes my way. As I was working I couldn’t spend time to read the book. So I took vacation for 4 days, went to my hometown, I stared reading the book from the day I reached my home. I had few days to complete it, so I decided to complete it in 3 days. By god’s grace, I completed reading with 3 days and returned back to Bangalore (where I work). My parayana was completed in October first week of the year 2010, by the end of October I got an alliance (who is now my husband). All went well; I was blessed with nice family and also loving and caring husband. I came to USA after my marriage. A point I want to mention here is this was my first alliance which came through. 2. My marriage was arranged on March 6, 2011. Our guru (swami sri vidya), blessed me with Sripada Srivallabha Charitammrutam as my wedding gift, what more can I ask for. I felt like Sripada swami has blessed our marriage completely. 3. After marriage, I went through lot of struggles for job, but I started chanting Siddha Managala Strotra and did Sai baba parayanam. All things fell in place and I got a nice job. During this phase, I got a dream where myself and my husband, were sitting in a sea shore having a nice lunch. With a few minutes, there was a big wave, we were into water and my foot was completely in the water, soon after we were hit with a second huge wave, water level raised up to our chest and lastly a third huge wave, we both were under water, screaming and waving our hands for help. But, I and my husband were holding our hands tight, we didn’t leave each other. Few mins after this, we were out of danger (don’t remember how we came out), and walking through the shore. Then I saw a table, where divine Sripada Charitammrutam was placed. I immediately took that book into my hands. That was the dream. When I woke up, I didn’t understand the meaning of it completely. All I understood was I should never leave doing parayanam. 4. After couple years we started planning for kids, to our utter surprise, I had issues conceiving, from past few years, I am in miserable phase of my life. Then I understood meaning of the dream I had. I am going through lot of treatments from past 2 years but nothing worked. But, I know my Sai will come to my rescue. I never stopped doing parayana. I did Sai Leelalmrutam, Guru Charitra, Sripada Charitammrutam, and now I am doing Swami Samarth. I know baba will help me one day. During these years, Sai baba and Sripada came to my rescue in many many ways. Recently, we were not happy with our current doctor, I wanted to change the doctor, I was not sure if I am going in a right path. So I decided to chant Siddha Mangala Strotra 12 times a day for 41 days. My treatment needs to be started first week of Jan 2016, before that I wanted to change the doctor and get a second opinion; I asked Sripada to put me in right path and started chanting Siddha managala stotra. 41st day fell on 31st December 2015. We were to meet our second doctor Jan 6th 2016. After meeting the second doctor on Jan6th, I realized that the second doctor was very arrogant and was not interested to treat me. Then I realized that idea to change the doctor is not good and decided to continue with the same doctor. On the day we decided to go with this option. I got Prasad from Shirdi (which I ordered online). I took this a blessing from god. I know I will post the success story later. I kept the problem at Sai baba’s feet and daily reading a story from Sridapa Charitammrutam (each adhyay in book states which story solves which problem) which is to have Kids. I feel baba reside in humans; all devotees please bless your daughter to enter motherhood soon. Sripada rajam Sharanam Prapadye! Om Sai Ram! Note: I wanted to post this beautiful picture of Saibaba, which I recently came across.

Jai Gurudatta.

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