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01 mar 2016_we are under the protetion of our divine mother

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing an amazing experience which strengthens the faith of all our Datta devotees.

Recently I started getting toothache and a treatment was started for that. Doctor also suggested me that it would be better if I go for wisdom tooth removal though it’s not troubling me much now.He said that it grew sideways , crooked as well as slightly broken. So it might give me severe pain all of a sudden in next 2 months if I don’t get it removed now.Doctor also warned me that the extraction of wisdom tooth is tough As I’m having crooked wisdom tooth grows sideways Doctor warned me the extraction would be tough and need Orthosugeon help.But he decided to remove it by following regular procedure of tooth removal in his hospital with local anaesthetic injection. If it fails with this regular procedure , It may require a surgical approach that involves making an incision in the gum tissue and removing bone. I was little scared and prayed sripada to help me with the extraction.
Before going to the hospital , offered my humble salutations to sripada swamy padukas and prayed sripada. Later I opened a page from Sripadasrivallabha charithamrutham and my eyes were reading through the lines “Those who bow their head humble before the auspicious feet of Sri Sreepada and seek His refugee will be happy.They will be happy like young infants under complete protection in the lap of their mother.They derive all auspicious things and comforts”. I felt very happy of having sripada swamy’s assurance for my prayer.
Doctor injected local anaesthisia to numb the area around the tooth. After sometime I was feeling some pressure and closed my eyes just before the tooth is removed.The magic happens here. Very next moment doctor said it’s done and giving me instructions need to follow for next 24 hours. Isn’t this a miracle done by Sripada ? I understand that time does vary for removal .Few people can take 20 minutes or longer. It’s not even a minute for my crooked wisdom tooth without orthosurgeon’s help.
It proves sripada swamy took care of me throughout the procedure and made me feel like young infant under complete protection in the lap of my divine mother “ SRIPADA SWAMY” with comfort.
“Thank you” is such a small world to show my gratitude towards Sripada. I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of deep gratitude for the motherly love of our Sripada swamy.
My sincere thanks to all my dearest Datta bandhus who prayed for me and their great support.
Thank you soooo much sripada for blessing me with such a wonderful people in my life.
Jai Gurudatta.

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