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25 Jan 16_Swamy blesses us the needed

Sri Pada Rajam Saram Prapadhye Digambara Digambara Sri Pada Vallabha Digambara!!

Sripada devotee lalithaji is sharing a wonderful experience with Sripada swamy.

Sri Pada Rajam Saram Prapadhye Digambara Digambara Sri Pada Vallabha Digambara!! I am a devotee of Sripadha vallabha sarvabhouma from the past 4 years. One of moms friend talked about datta guru and took us to divine peethikapuram. Thanks to aunty. Ofcourse It is ultimately the one and only datta prabhu who invited us. Now I want to share one beautiful experience that happened to me by the grace of sripada ( whom I often think is my little brother). Currently, I am living in US and had recently completed my studies. I am still waiting for the job ( which I strongly believe that my sripada will give me very soon). In this peak time, where I had no enough money to pay my credit card bill. Even though I have my own sister living here. I feel of not taking money from her. I prayed to sripada saying that please takecare of my credit card bills. Please give me a job to get enough money for my living so that I dont want to burden on others. When the due date is near, the miracle happened that I got an email saying that they have increased my credit limit for usage. I have no words to say. I immediately thanked my sripada prabhu for showering blessings on me. I believe He will always be with me. I am still waiting for my job where all my friends and everyone around me are getting the job. I hope he will bless me with the job very very soon so that I can live my life with out burdening and want to donate to poor people and sripada's mahasamsthan. Jai guru Datta Sri guru Datta Sripada Srivallabha Jayamu Jayamu.

Jai Gurudatta.

Shared By: lalitha