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19 Nov 2015_ Sripada blessed me with haldi,kumkum,flowers,sweets,milk on rakhipoornima for sending him rakhi

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye!!!

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing a wonderful experience which shows swamy's unconditional love towards HIS devotees.

I read some where in the internet that we can send Rakhi to Sripada Swamy.
The moment I heard this I wanted to send him a Rakhi as I do not have any brothers. I tried sending it through my mom and sister when they visited Sri Peethikapuram. Due to various reasons they were unable to give it. I prayed to Sripada swamy to accept Rakhi and bless me as Rakhi Pournima is fast approaching. This time my mom could get a Rakhi on my behalf and sent it to Sripada swamy through my sister. That evening my friend called me all of a sudden to her house. When I went there she gave me 3 containers of Haldi, 3 containers of Kumkum, Auspiciuos yellow thread, milk, sweets, flowers, one picture of Srimata from OmShakti temple. She said that haldi, kumkum and the yellow thread are from Madhura Meenakshi temple ( Please see the attached picture). I felt so happy as I received all these auspicious things on a Friday evening and that too on the day we sent Rakhi to Sripada swamy. My sister said that in the temple the pandit ji placed the Rakhi by Sripada Swamy. I felt so thankful that Sripada accepted Rakhi and blessed me on the same day. It is so amazing that the Lord of the Universes listens to your prayers and responds immediately.

Jai Sripada!!!

Jai Gurudatta!!!

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