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10 Jul 2015_It is swamy who can really relate us of our real cause

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

Anonymous sripada devotee is sharing her beautiful experience with sripada swamy.

I've been chanting Sripada Swamy's divya Siddha Mangala Stotram from 9 months. I've experienced many miracles and good changes in our life after reading Siddha Mangala Stotram. One such divine experience is receiving Sripada SriVallabha LeelaVaibhavam book from Lord Sripada's SriKshetra Kurvapuram. I am so much thrilled and awe-struck. The devotee who sent that book to me did so to fulfill her Guruji's wish and I'm so much impressed and inspired by her devotion towards her Guruji.

On the day I received these blessings from Lord Sripada, my joy knew no bounds. I wanted to share such happiness to someone else too, but I don't have access to that book here. So I prayed to Sripada swamy to help me spread the joy I experienced to someone else. Later that week my sister said she is planning to visit SriKshetra Peethikapuram with her family and said that she would take my mom and dad with them to visit Lord Sripada. I have requested them to buy Sripada Charitamrutam and give it to the first person they see at the temple. They said they would do it for sure if they visit the temple. However, their trip is getting postponed due to some work.

I started praying to Lord Sripada. After 3 days they went to Peethikapuram and had very nice darshan of the Lord. My dad said he experienced divine feeling when he sat under Audumbar tree in Sripada Mahasamsthan and he too chanted
"Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara" with the other devotees at the temple.

My mom and sister went to the temple store to request for some special poojas and also got a copy of Sripada Charitamrutam and gave it to the first person,they saw after buying the book, like I requested them. The lady who received the Charitamrutam was utter surprised and did not know what to do as the book is in Telugu. The book store person noticed this and said to my mom that this lady is a great devotee of Sripada swamy and she is from Orissa and they have been staying at the temple for doing some chanting/service. After saying that he asked my mom to get the telugu book from that devotee and gave Sripada Charitamrutam in Oriya. When my mom gave her Sripada Charitamrutam in oriya that lady felt really happy. I'm very much thrilled after hearing this, as from my childhood I love Lord Jagannath very much and I keep saying "Jai Jagannath" and also I'm born during Jagannatha Ratha Yatra festival time. See how Lord Sripada had arranged the first person that my mom saw at Peethikapuram is from Orissa.

Sripada Rajam Saranam Prapadye!!!

Jai Gurudatta.

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