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Beautiful Darshan Of Sripada swamy in a dream

Below is the brief narration of the experience from an ardent sripada devotee ‘Punitha’.

Sripada Rajam Saranam prapadye.

It was a chitta nakshatra day. On the previous night I was just being ready and waiting for this day. when it was 12:00A.M on May 13 2014, I started chanting the sidhha mangala stotrum and kept listening to it non-stop.also watched His videos and His padukas abhisheka at Sripadasrivallbha Pitapuram website.
Even when I got to bed I kept chanting datta datta datta digambara on every breath and feel asleep. and here goes his miracle, he comes in my dream as a very young little boy, looks so cute and handsome and he asks me to take to one of the nearby samstan. I carry him on my shoulders(just like that vision we get when we read the charithamrutham) and when I leave him in the samsthan, he goes running and missing and transforms his avatar to many kids. I was unable to recognize him. After a while I see a boy who has so much attire on his face. Question him about his maternal grandparents and he replies Bapanaryulu and then I grab him and try to take him back but the samsthan will not allow me to step out and then the dream vanished.

I feel happy and blessed to share this experience.

Datta digambara Datta digambara Sri Pada vallabha Datta digambara
Datta digambara Datta digambara Sri Pada vallabha Datta digambara

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